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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Deportations Increase; Pro-Immigrant Groups Want Action; March 21st

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The Spanish-language press highlights yesterday’s press conference in Washington at which several pro-immigrant organizations charged that deportations have increased during the Obama administration compared to those carried out under President Bush. However, La Opinión reports that the Department of Homeland Security denies that deportations have increased by 47%, saying that the DHS report on which the groups’ claims were based contained errors in its formula for calculating the number of deportations.

According to La Opinión, “sources close to DHS told La Opinión that the estimates presented by FIRM (at the press conference) are incorrect, and that there has not been a significant increase. The sources stressed that during fiscal year 2008 ‘there were 369,221 deportations, representing an increase of 18,569 in total.’ The difference between the numbers can be explained, according to DHS sources, by an ‘error in the department’s report’ used by FIRM to illustrate the increase.”