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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Could Latino Vote Save Dems?; ‘Enemies’ vs. ‘Opponents’; SB 1070 Hearing

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Senior White House political adviser David Axelrod notes that early voting by Latinos is at a record high–and predicts that if the trend continues today at the polls, Democrats could save seats in California, Nevada and Colorado. President Obama walks back a comment he made referring to Republicans as “enemies” of the issues that matter to Latinos. And in California, the U.S. Appeals Court hears arguments on whether to uphold a lower court’s injunction of parts of Arizona law SB 1070–or allow the whole law to go into effect.

Axelrod: Latino vote could save Dems. News agency EFE reports that Axelrod told Hispanic media outlets that “early voting by Hispanics is 13% higher than it was in the 2006 Congressional elections, and predicted that if this trend continues (today), Democrats will win in Nevada, California and Colorado.”

According to the agency, Axelrod said that 660,000 Latinos have already voted early, and predicted:

“We think the participation among Latino voters is very, very encouraging and if early vote is a trend, you’re going to see a good outcome in Nevada, California, Colorado.”

EFE adds:

“In Nevada, where Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is locked in a tough race with Republican Sharron Angle, early voting among Hispanics has already surpassed the total of 45,000 Latinos who voted in the state in 2006.”

According to Axelrod, Latinos should vote for the Democrats because “it’s the party that’s fighting to solve the problem” of immigration reform. Republicans, on the other hand, the advisor said, have appealed “to the worst impulses” of the population.