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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Calderón Speaks; Michelle and La Niña; Protests

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The Spanish-language media continues to be captivated by the seven-year-old girl who stood up to Michelle Obama on deportations this week. The Mexican president’s speech to Congress yesterday and continued protests across the nation for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform are also top stories.

Calderón speaks. During his address before Congress, Mexican President Felipe Caldeerón praised immigrants’ hard work, spoke against the Arizona law SB 1070 and discussed the necessity of immigration reform. EFE quotes Frank Sharry of America’s Voice on the speech. Univision and La Opinión (Los Angeles) have more on the speech, while the AFP and El Universal cover some legislators’ defensive reactions to Calderón’s criticism of SB 1070. In an editorial, La Opinión writes:

“The Arizona situation highlights the urgent need for immigration reform that sets the backdrop for the visit, despite the fact that the Mexican head of state has no influence at all over this matter. Mexico’s only role in this regard is to create its own internal domestic conditions necessary to prevent the exodus of its people to the north, something it continues to fail to accomplish.”