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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: AZ Bans Ethnic Studies; Cities Boycott; Town Hall Friday

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As city councils join the Arizona boycott over SB 1070 and public officials continue to denounce the law, the Spanish-language media reports that the state has doubled down on offensive legislation. Also, Univision promotes the national town hall it is hosting on Friday.

AZ bans ethnic studies. On the heels of undocumented-immigrant-criminalization law SB 1070, Arizona has just passed a new law outlawing ethnic studies. The Spanish-language media covers reaction to the law in general-interest articles and adds its own commentary. La Opinión (Los Angeles) writes:

“The new law banning ethnic studies creates a context in which law SB1070 appears to extend far beyond the undocumented. Arizona conservatives want to recreate the present and the past in idealistic terms that never existed, except in their own minds.”