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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: 7 Lawsuits and Counting; Brewer in Boston; Silent Raids

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A new lawsuit filed against Arizona — this one focusing on the training materials being used to prepare to enforce SB 1070 — marks the seventh legal challenge against the law, and Attorney General Eric Holder says that the federal government may sue the state again over racial profiling if the law goes into effect. Hundreds of people came to the National Governors’ Association annual conference in Boston to protest one of the governors attending–guess which one?–and thousands of businesses have been audited and fined as a result of the Obama administration’s “silent raids.”

7 lawsuits and counting. In a CBS interview Sunday, Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Justice Department will consider filing a second lawsuit against Arizona should SB 1070 go into effect, if it notices that racial profiling is being used to enforce it, the AP reports. EFE adds that in the same interview, Holder defended the lawsuit filed last week, which argues that Arizona is usurping the federal government’s jurisdiction in immigration enforcement, and denied that the legal action is motivated by political pressures.