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PHOTOS: New York Makes History By Giving Undocumented Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

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Undocumented immigrants in New York can now apply for driver’s licenses in the state. 

The “Green Light Law,” which allows all New York residents over the age of 16 to apply for a standard driver’s license regardless of immigration status, went into effect on Monday and hundreds celebrated across DMV offices in the state. 

Lines at DMV offices went around blocks as immigrants stood in the cold New York weather for hours in order to take the first step toward obtaining a driver’s license. 

Allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license will improve road safety, raise revenue, and boost New York’s economy. Undocumented immigrants will no longer have to drive knowing that they are breaking the law by doing so.

The law was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in June following heavy pressure by pro-immigrant organizations such as Make the Road New York.

Check out photos and videos from the historic day below. 

For more information, visit Make The Road New York here