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Nebraska State Patrol Investigating Threatening Immigration E-mails After Arizona Violence

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After Saturday’s horrific tragedy in Arizona, there have been reports of an increased number of threats directed at members of Congress and legislators across the country. 

Unsurprisingly for those of us who have followed the red-hot immigration debate in this country, some of these threats have been coupled to calls for hard-line immigration enforcement and “taking our country back.”

Via the Associated Press:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The Nebraska State Patrol is investigating after several state lawmakers received an ominous e-mail regarding immigration reform.

State Sen. Brad Ashford, of Omaha, says Monday that he and other members of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee received the e-mail Sunday night. It implored them to advance an Arizona-style immigration law proposed by Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen.

But it was the note’s postscript in red lettering that concerned lawmakers and their staff. The postscript says, “we shed blood to build this country, and we will shed blood again to take it back.”