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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 12, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Fox News: Jeb Bush dismisses dip in polls, defends immigration stance

Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush Defends ‘Legal Status’ for Illegal Immigrants
By Beth Reinhard

New York Times: Jeb Bush Says He Would Not Repeal Obama Immigration Order Right Away
By Gerry Mullany

Bloomberg: Jeb Bush Says He Wouldn’t Repeal Obama’s Immigration Actions Right Away
By Michael C. Bender

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush, like Marco Rubio, wouldn’t undo Obama immigration order right away
By Patricia Mazzei

Washington Times: Jeb Bush: People can be ‘persuaded’ on immigration
By David Sherfinski

Wall Street Journal: The Assets and Liabilities of Jeb Bush
By Gerald Seib

Vox: Will Republicans’ stronghold in Congress cripple their quest for the White House?
By Andrew Prokop

AP: Dems claim recruiting successes in bid to retake Senate
By Erica Werner

Buzzfeed News: Hillary Clinton Adds Latina From Labor Department To Oversee Hispanic, Black, Women’s Media
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Washington Times: Authenticity challenge: Ted Cruz asked to prove he’s ‘Cuban’ – controversy ensues, apology issued
By Jennifer Harper

Politico: No Due Respect: The real problem with Bloomberg’s Halperin-Heilemann show
By Dylan Beyers

The Hill: 113 Republicans back lawsuit against Obama’s immigration actions
By Mike Lillis

Roll Call: Republican Lawmakers Urge Court to Block Immigration Expansion
By Todd Ruger

National Journal: ‘This Town Is an Amnesty Town Now’
By Alexia Fernandez Campbell

Fusion: Immigration is fueling the huge young workforce
By Geneva Sands

Fusion: Top immigration officials pitch new fingerprint-sharing program to wary activists
By Ted Hesson

Wall Street Journal: Who Is Coming to America? Increasingly, Chinese Students and Indian 20-Somethings
By Neil Shah

MSNBC: There is no such thing as humane immigrant detention
By Hope Mustakim

The Hill: Feds issued 2K expanded immigration permits after court order
By Ben Kamisar

AP: Bishops anticipate message from pope on immigrant detention
By Erica Werner

The Hill: House Dem: Keep immigration language in defense bill
By Martin Matishak

AP: Activists Use Clinton Immigration Stance to Pressure Obama
By Eric Werner

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Should Phoenix ID be open to undocumented immigrants?
By Dustin Gardiner

Roll Call (Opinion): Barack Obama’s Hillary Clinton Problem
By Steven Dennis

The Hill (Opinion): Clinton clobbers Rubio on immigration
By Brent Budowsky

The Hill (Opinion): The GOP’s festival of flip-flopping
By Juan Williams

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Huevo en la Cara
By James Taranto

Washington Post (The Fix): Mark Halperin’s cringey Ted Cruz interview is all part of the Halperin Primary
By Philip Bump

San Jose Mercury News (Opinion): Halperin interview of Ted Cruz was painful
By Ruben Navarrette

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Univision.com: Promesas por partida doble en inmigración
Por Maribel Hastings

Univision.com: Aumenta presión para que ICE libere a madres y niños que piden asilo en EEUU

La Opinión: Obispos católicos exigen cese de “industria de detención” de familias
Por María Peña

EFE: Madres de centro de detención de inmigrantes de Texas piden libertad a Obama

La Opinión: De la huelga de hambre a la Casa Blanca
Por María Peña

Noticiero Telemundo: Podría terminar programa que permite a agentes ejecutar funciones de inmigración

Noticiero Telemundo: Concejal en la mira tras escribir que los mexicanos están destruyendo Los Angeles

La Opinión: En el río o en el desierto, siguen muertes de inmigrantes
Por Gardenia Mendoza

Univision.com: Jorge Ramos opina: La promesa del Cinco de Mayo
Por Jorge Ramos Ávalos

La Opinión: Supervisores de Los Ángeles divididos por fin de plan 287(g)
Por Isaías Alvarado

La Opinión: ¿Cómo opera el nuevo programa migratorio PEP?
Por Isaías Alvarado

La Opinión: ¿MediCal para indocumentados? Un senador dice que sí
Por Yurina Melara

La Opinión: Exbraceros residentes en EEUU piden poder revisar en el país su situación

EFE: Obispos de EE.UU. piden cambio radical en centros detención de indocumentados