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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, Apr 30, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Latin Post: Democrats Blast Republican On Calling For Birthright Citizenship Removal
By Michael Oleaga

AP: Jeb Bush: Give 11 Million Immigrants Chance to Stay

Washington Post: Jeb Bush leans in to immigration reform in speech to Hispanic Christian organization
By Jose DelReal

Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush Builds His Case for Hispanic Support
By Colleen McCain Nelson and Janet Hook

Texas Tribune (Texas): Hispanic Christians Highlight GOP Immigration Dilemma
By Patrick Svitek

Buzzfeed: Jeb Bush Tells Hispanic Evangelicals He Supports Earned Legal Status For Undocumented Immigrants
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Washington Times: Jeb Bush: U.S. ‘does not do well when people lurk in the shadows
By David Sherfinski

Bloomberg: Ted Cruz to Hispanics: Economy Matters More Than Immigration
By Heidi Przybyla

The Hill: Cruz: Obama has ‘inflamed racial tensions’
By Ben Kamisar

Time: Cruz Walks a Careful Line on Immigration Reform
By Alex Altman

Wall Street Journal: Mike Huckabee Tells Hispanic Evangelicals U.S. Is Losing Its Way
By Colleen McCain Nelson

New York Times: Bernie Sanders on the Issues [EXCERPT]
By Gerry Mullany

National Journal: Meet the Young, Cuban-American, Miami Republican Who Could Replace Marco Rubio in the Senate
By Andrea Drusch

Huffington Post: Detroiters Protest Immigration Officer’s Fatal Shooting Of 20-Year-Old Black Man
By Kate Abbey-Lambertz

McClatchy: ‘The beginning of the end’ for Obama’s migrant family detention?
By Franco Ordonez

AP: Obama Lives up to Pledge to Slow Immigrant Deportations
By Alicia Caldwell

NBC News: Activists Label GOP Immigration Agenda ‘Mass Deportation’
By Suzanne Gamboa

AP: Lawyers for Arizona Sheriff Object to Judge’s Questioning

AP: DHS No. 2 to Face Lawmakers Amid Allegations of Favoritism

Washington Post (Opinion): House Republicans try to gut a key American principle
By Dana Milbank

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Will Hispanics Reject the GOP Once Again?
By Jill Lawrence

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): List of States Considering Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Grows
By Juan Escalante

The Hill (Op-Ed): Our Community Will Win
By Cristina Jimenez

The Hill (Op-Ed): The forgotten cornerstone in the immigration reform debate
By Daniel Gerstein and Martina L. Mellibrand

Reno Gazette Journal (Op-Ed-Nevada): Immigration: the great American foundation
By Daniel Garza

San Antonio Express News (Opinion-Texas): Keep Texas DREAM Act
By Margaret Moran

En español:quepasa_espanol

EFE: Republicano Ted Cruz se declara “defensor” de una reforma migratoria en EEUU

Associated Press: J. Bush: Millones de inmigrantes merecen permanecer en EEUU
Por Steve Peoples

Noticiero Telemundo: Inmigrante deportado se reúne con su familia

Noticiero Univisión: Campesinos indígenas hace un llamado a los consumidores estadounidenses

La Opinión: Ofrecerán foro de inmigración gratuito en la Placita Olver
Por Isaías Alvarado

Associated Press: Abogados de Arpaio objetan parte de interrogatorio de juez