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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 31, 2015

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AP: U.S. Appeals Judge’s Hold On President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

NBC News: U.S. Files Appeal of Texas Judge’s Hold on Immigration Action

Vox: The government can’t enforce every law. Who gets to decide which ones it does?
By Dara Lind

Washington Times: ‘Dreamers’ despair as Obama, Democrats abandon immigration activists
By Stephen Dinan

Buzzfeed News: Under Pressure, H&R Block Kills Immigration Services Program
By David Noriega

Politico: Marco Rubio confirms April 13 launch
By Marc Caputo

NBC News: What Would Ted Cruz Do, Ask Pro-Immigration Evangelicals?
By Suzanne Gamboa

K FOX14 (Texas): Undocumented students could pay out-of-state tuition costs if Senate Bill 1819 passes
By Crystal Price

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin): Scott Walker reiterates his opposition to amnesty
By Annysa Johnson

Washington Post (Opinion): Scott Walker’s primary weakness
By James Downie

Washington Post (Plum Line): Scott Walker versus Jeb Bush for soul of the GOP?
By Greg Sargent

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Scott Walker starts steering clear of reporters
By Steve Benen

The Hill (Op-Ed): Let’s step up our game for citizenship
By Eric Cohen, Jeanne Atkinson, Stewart Kwoh, and Arturo Vargas

Politico Magazine (Op-Ed): Why We Need to End Family Detention—Again
By Alfonso Gonzales, Shannon Speed, and Gilberto Rosas