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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 30, 2015

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Huffington Post: Immigration Reform Advocates To Lose Champion With Harry Reid Retirement
By Elise Foley

AP: Wiggly Words on immigration policy from 2016 GOP contenders
By Nicholas Riccardi

VOXXI: Could a Latino boycott doom Hillary Clinton’s presidential dreams in 2016?
By Tony Castro

Houston Chronicle (Texas): Wisconsin governor reiterates immigration stance at Houston stop
By Theodore Schleifer

Texas Tribune (Texas): Walker Denies Reversing Position on Immigration
By Patrick Svitek

Washington Post: Scott Walker clarifies immigration stance [VIDEO]

MSNBC: Scott Walker’s immigration position is as clear as mud
By Steve Benen

Bloomberg: Behind Scott Walker’s Border Visit Is His Immigration Muddle
By John McCormick

AP: Gov. Walker in Texas, out of sight during immigration flap

Politico: Marco Rubio looks to April 13 Miami launch
By Alex Isenstady and Marc Caputo

National Journal: Marco Rubio Has Made This Bet Before—and Won
By Tim Alberta

New York Times: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Point G.O.P. to Contrary Paths
By Jonathan Martin

National Review: Jeb Bush’s Ties to Big-Money Immigration ‘Reform’ Backers
By Ian Tuttle

NBC News: LATINO LOOP: Christie’s Immigration Stand Slammed, Becerra’s Surprise BFF [EXCERPT]
By Suzanne Gamboa

MSNBC: Ted Cruz hasn’t ruled out legal status for undocumented immigrants
By Benjy Sarlin

Buzzfeed News: Harry Reid’s Big, Complicated Latino Legacy Won’t End When His Career Does
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Vox: The gutsy decision that saved Harry Reid’s career and made him a hero to Latinos
By Dara Lind

National Journal: Reid’s Departure Creates Opportunity for Hispanic Successor
By Josh Kraushaar

National Journal: Meet the Woman Harry Reid Wants to Replace Him in the Senate
By Andrea Drusch

AP: Clerics Urge US to End Family Detention of Immigrants

Politico: The Chamber’s Bad Bet on the GOP
By Carrie Levine

New York Times: States Are Divided by the Lines They Draw on Immigration
By Julia Preston

Politico: Advocates: DOJ claims in child migrant case ‘fantasy’
By David Rogers

Los Angeles Times (California): Dairy farmers, in dire need of workers, feel helpless as immigration reform sours
By Tina Susman

NewJersey.Com (New Jersey): Poll: Was Christie right to join lawsuit against Obama’s immigration orders?
By Brent Johnson

CentralJersey.Com (New Jersey): NJ joins fight against immigration
By Bob Jordan

Washington Post (Plum Line): Scott Walker immigration mess captures GOP’s broader dilemma
By Greg Sargent

The Hill (Op-Ed): Open letter to Sen. Rafael (Ted) Cruz
By Joe Velasquez

The Hill (Op-Ed): Is amnesty really that bad for GOP voting base?
By Tony Lucadamo and David Leblang

Politico Magazine (Op-Ed): America’s Hinge Moment
By Doug Sosnik

La Opinión (Editorial):  A Latino Candidate