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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 24, 2015

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National Journal: Ted Cruz Has Been Running for President for Years in the Senate
By Lauren Fox

Politico: Cruz’s strategy: Destroy the ‘mushy middle’
By James Hohmann and Alex Isenstadt

New York Times: Ted Cruz, an Ambitious Conservative With Sharp Elbows
By Ashley Parker and Maggie Haberman

The Hill: Trump brings birther charge against Cruz
By Ben Kamisar

Time: How Ted Cruz is Using Spanish in His Presidential Campaign
By Tessa Berenson

Fusion: Memo to Ted Cruz: It’s time to get better at speaking Spanish
By Juan Vidal

National Journal: Is Immigration A Poison Pill For Jeb Bush?
By Ronald Brownstein

Politico: States ask court to keep block on Obama immigration orders
By Josh Gerstein

Politico: Justice Dept. No. 2 nominee to showcase GOP support
By Josh Gerstein

Buzzfeed: Latino Activists Sign On To Draft Warren Letter Calling For Contested Democratic Primary
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Al Jazeera America: Five years after SB 1070, Arizona immigrants defy climate of intimidation
By Naureen Kahn

MSNBC: Wife of deported Iowa pastor: We’re still hoping we’ll reunite again [VIDEO]
By Jose Diaz Balart

New York Times (Editorial): Imagine President Ted Cruz

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Loretta Lynch’s Political Limbo [VIDEO]
By Paul Gigot

Latino Rebels (Opinion): Truth or Consequences for ICE Director Sarah R. Saldaña
By David Leopold

Roll Call (Op-Ed): Democrats Will Protect Families Until Immigration Reform Happens
By Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez

Roll Call (Op-Ed): A Bipartisan Immigration Program We Need to Pass Now
By Rep. Jared Polis

Roll Call (Op-Ed): Obama Policies Favor Illegal Immigrants Over American Citizens
By Rep. Lou Barletta

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): Why Cruz’s presidential run is absurd, but important
By Jennifer Rubin

Huffington Post (Opinion): What TedCruz.com and @ImmigrationGOP Say About Republicans
By Juan Escalante

New York Times Magazine (Opinion): Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant
By Adam Davidson