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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 2, 2014

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Huffington Post: White House Reportedly Considering Pushing Deportation Changes To Post-Election

The Hill: White House refuses to set deadline for immigration action

Talking Points Memo: Obama May Delay Immigration Actions Until After The Election

Wall Street Journal: Obama Weighs Delay in Immigration Plan

Los Angeles Times: Immigration activists push reform despite possible White House delay

The Hill: Seven influential voices shaping the immigration debate

Associated Press: Obama sets no timeline for action on immigration

Al Jazeera America: Obama skirts immigration reform timeline

China Topix: Obama Reiterates Decision To Reform Immigration Rules

Trucker News Services: Obama delays immigration plans, but says will act in absence of Congress

Los Angeles Times: Obama suggests he’ll need more time on immigration policy

New York Times: Obama Weighing Delay in Action on Immigration

Associated Press: Obama’s Delay on Immigration Creates Uncertainty

Washington Post: White House suggests delay on immigration reform

Politico: White House strife stalls Obama immigration plans

Los Angeles Times: Would immigration action help or hurt Obama’s party this fall?

Los Angeles Times: On immigration, will Obama shape his legacy or the next election?

NBC News: Is Obama Immigration Policy ‘Herky-Jerky’? (VIDEO)

The Hill: Bipartisan support for immigration delay

Fox News: Obama under pressure to delay immigration action until after midterms

The Hill: Obama’s risky midterm game

Politico: Ted Cruz downplays immigration shutdown chatter

Washington Post: Ted Cruz denies GOP plans for government shutdown

The Hill: Cruz dismisses talk of government shutdown over immigration

Wall Street Journal: House Republicans Don’t Expect a Shutdown

Talking Points Memo: Cruz Rejects Calls To Shut Down Government Over Immigration

National Journal: Why a Government Shutdown Is So Unlikely

The Hill: Rubio’s new tune on immigration

The Hill: What’s next for border funding?

Roll Call: Top Judiciary Republicans Demand Answers on DACA Changes

NBC News: What Labor Wants From Obama On Immigration

TIME: Obama Plugs ‘Immigration Rights’ in Labor Day Address

EFE: Honduran authorities, U.S. lawmakers talk about child immigration

Associated Press: Mexico’s Immigration Crackdown Stemming Tide Of Migrants To U.S., Observers Say

Washington Post: Ellis Island in reverse: Where deportees go when they get home to Guatemala

Washington Post: Deployed by Gov. Rick Perry, National Guard adjusts to its new role on the Texas border

National Journal: This Midwestern Mayor Wants Your City’s Immigrants

Latin Post: DREAMer to Congress: ‘Think of Immigration as Saving Lives,’ DACA Recipients See US as ‘Land of Opportunities’

Hispanically Speaking News: Deported Mom Lives in Fear After Returning to Honduras

Baltimore Sun (Maryland): O’Malley tightens rules on federal immigration requests

Washington Post (Maryland): O’Malley directs state-run jail to cut back on immigrant detentions

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia): Feds: Atlanta area counties received hundreds of immigrant children

Washington Post (Editorial): Underage immigrants must be treated humanely while they are in the U.S.

Washington Post (Plum Line): How GOP frustration could produce another government shutdown

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Why top Dems are worried about politics of deportations

Huffington Post (Blog): Will Insult and Inaction on Immigration Cost Republicans the Senate?