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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, September 16, 2014

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  1. Vox: Watch Hillary Clinton give the wrong answer to angry immigration advocates
  2. Newsmax: Poll: Battleground States Frown on Obama’s Immigration Approach
  3. Politico: Hillary Clinton dodges questions from DREAMers
  4. Huffington Post: Dreamers Demand Immigration Answers From Hillary Clinton In Iowa
  5. MSNBC: Immigration activists put Democrats on notice
  6. The Hill: Activists praise Sanders, criticize Clinton on immigration
  7. MSNBC: DREAMer: ‘Not really happy’ with Hillary Clinton’s response on immigration (VIDEO)
  8. Business Insider: Advocates Question Hillary Clinton’s ‘Courage’ After She Dodged Immigration Questions In Iowa
  9. MSNBC: Immigration activist describes roots of her commitment to advocacy
  10. Politico: Immigration hits Kentucky Senate race
  11. Fusion: Wilmer Valderrama: Latinos will vote independent if Obama doesn’t act on immigration
  12. Vox: Immigrants aren’t stealing your jobs
  13. Politico: 115,000 to lose coverage over immigration info
  14. Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois): Are pols missing the real effect of delay on immigration reform?
  15. Associated Press (California): Brown purges immigration initiative from state law
  16. Los Angeles Times (California): Poll: Voters support a path to legalization for immigrants here illegally
  17. Associated Press (Arizona): Ex-legislator behind immigration law exits GOP post after remark on sterilizing Medicaid users
  18. San Antonio Express-News (Texas): Family divided by immigration detention to be reunited
  19. Associated Press (Michigan): Detroit joins list of immigrant-friendly cities
  20. TIME (Opinion): Hate Immigrants? Good Luck With Women Voters
  21. Roll Call (Opinion): The Republican Brand’s Recovery Tour — Sort Of
  22. The Hill (Opinion): John Feehery: When the GOP wins
  23. The Hill (Opinion): Judd Gregg: A positive agenda for a GOP Congress