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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 10, 2014

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Bloomberg:What’s the Left’s Answer to the Democrats’ Crushing Defeat?

Reuters: Obama defends plan to act on immigration: CBS interview

CBS News:Obama: ‘I’m Going To Do What I Can Through Executive Action’ On Immigration

USA Today: Obama, GOP brace for political war on immigration

CBS News: What-if anything- should Obama do about immigration?

NPR: Obama Says He’ll Use Executive Orders For Immigration Reform

The Hill: Cantor blasts Obama immigration plan

The Hill: Barrasso compares executive action on immigration to ‘hand grenade’

Politico: Cantor: Obama ‘incendiary’ on immigration

Washington Post: RNC chair: Obama throwing ‘kerosene’ on ‘fire’ if he acts on immigration

AP: GOP Senator: Obama Will Lead US Into ‘Constitutional Crisis’ If He Acts Alone On Immigration

Talking Points Memo: RNC Chair: Obama Executive Action On Immigration Is ‘A Nuclear Threat’

ABC News: Sen. Elect Cory Gardner: GOP Has to ‘Show That We Can Govern’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post: GOP Senators Call On Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch To Weigh In On Immigration

The Hill: Newly elected Latinos spar over immigration

Bloomberg: What Obama Could Do Through Executive Orders on Immigration

AP: Obama Rejects Republican Warnings on Immigration

MSNBC: Why the Democrats lost, according to everyone

Washington Post: White House: Obama will act on immigration despite GOP warnings to hold off

Washington Post: Illegal immigrants rally, demand Obama take executive action to protect them

Bloomberg: Obama to Move on Immigration Even With Warning, Aide Says

Bloomberg: White House Isn’t Backing Down on Immigration

AP: Immigration Could Hurt GOP In 2016

Huffington Post: Reince Priebus Softens Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Hill: Rove: GOP Should Halt Reform Action with Bill

The Hill: Congress could block immigration action via funding, senator warns

USA Today: Once again, Obama gets squeezed on immigration

WOIO: Pilgrimage to St. Casimir’s Church: Families of local immigrants pray for reform

AP: Another Arizona Immigration Law Struck Down

Huffington Post: GOP’s ‘Hispanic Problem’ Only Got Worse After This Election Cycle

Huffington Post (Opinion): What 2014 Taught Us

Roll Call  (Potus Operandi Blog): Immigration Threatens Loretta Lynch’s Confirmation

Wall Street Journal (Washington Wire Blog): Republicans Urge Democrats Not to Push AG, Immigration in Lame Duck

The Week (Opinion): Obama needs to call the GOP’s bluff on immigration

Huffington Post (Opinion): Both Parties Must Act on Immigration, or Pay Price With Latino Voters

Washington Post (Opinion): Obama’s big immigration mistake

Washington Post (Monkey Cage): A recent shift in immigration law will change less than you think

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed): The unlikely power couple that remade L.A. politics