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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 4, 2015

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VOXXI: DHS funding feud ends: How it hurt the GOP’s image with Latinos
By Griselda Nevarez

SocialistWorker (Editorial): Putting politics ahead of immigrants’ lives

Buzzfeed: NCLR President Will Attack Republicans: You Don’t Care About Latinos
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Bloomberg: House Moves to Avoid Homeland Security Shutdown With Funding Vote
By Billy House

Roll Call: Boehner to Allow Clean Homeland Security Vote
By Steven Dennis and Matt Fuller

Washington Post: House to vote on bill to fully fund Homeland Security
By Sean Sullivan

Huffington Post: John Boehner Blinks, Will Allow For Clean Funding Of Department Of Homeland Security
By Elise Foley

Politico: John Boehner moves to end DHS stalemate
By Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan

Roll Call: Deal or No Deal? How Boehner and Pelosi Funded DHS
By Emma Dumain and Matt Fuller

National Journal: No Shutdown: DHS Stalemate Finally Ends
By Daniel Newhauser

Washington Post: House passes bill fully funding the Department of Homeland Security
By Sean Sullivan

Huffington Post: House Releases Hostage, Approves Funding For DHS Without Immigration Measures
By Elise Foley

NPR: House Votes To Fund DHS Until Sept. 30 — Without Immigration Curbs
By Krishnadev Calamur

Reuters: House breaks impasse, passes security funding without provisions

National Journal: The GOP’s Lost Agenda
By Daniel Newhauser

Politico: GOP probably stuck with weakened Boehner
By Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan

Politico: Republicans’ fear: 2 more years of gridlock
By Manu Raju

The Hill: Less than half of House Republicans vote for clean DHS funding
By Cristina Marcos

The Hill: 12 House GOP chairmen break with leadership on clean DHS bill
By Rebecca Shabad

Huffington Post: Ted Cruz Says GOP Leaders Planned To Cave On Immigration All Along
By Michael McAuliff

Politico: Legal fight on immigration continues
By Adam Lerner

AP: States Ask Judge Not to Lift Stay in Immigration Lawsuit
By Juan Lozano

Reuters: U.S. appeals court to hear Obama immigration challenge on May 4

NPR: Immigrants Worry They’ll Face Deportation After Deferred Action Delay
By Hansi Lo Wang

Vox: Are Border Patrol agents threatening to go rogue?
By Dara Lind

Washington Post: What Jeb Bush says about immigration in English, and what he says about it in Spanish
By Ed O’Keefe

AP: Newly Named San Diego Bishop Calls for Immigration Reform
By Julie Watson

Washington Post (Wonk Blog): What the debate over “amnesty bonuses” reveals about the GOP’s immigration problem
By Max Ehrenfreund

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): A Misbegotten Shutdown Showdown on Immigration
By Jason L. Riley

The Atlantic (Opinion): The GOP’s Wasted Winter
By Russell Berman

Bloomberg Review (Opinion): Boehner Outfoxes His Critics. Again.
By Jonathan Bernstein

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): What’s the case for Jeb Bush?
By Jennifer Rubin