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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, March 3, 2015

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District Chronicles: Immigrant advocates not worried about judge’s ruling
By Elena Shore

AP: 5 misperceptions about the Homeland Security impasse

Fusion: Why the never-ending DHS shutdown fight matters to you
By Ted Hesson

Wall Street Journal: Explaining the Showdown Over DHS and Immigration

MSNBC: Congress restarts clock on DHS funding fight
By Amanda Sakuma

AP: Homeland funding appears on track minus immigration add-ons

The Hill: Deal or not, Dems expect Boehner to cave
By Mike Lillis, Cristina Marcos, and Rebecca Shabad

Politico: Senate vote boxes Boehner in
By Burgess Everett, John Bresnahan, and Jake Sherman

New York Times: Senate Democrats Block Joint Negotiations on Homeland Security Funding
By Ashley Parker

The Hill: Reid: Dems won’t join ‘charade’ on DHS bill
By Jordain Carney

The Hill: McConnell’s move to quickly pass DHS bill attracts grumbling
By Alexander Bolton

Wall Street Journal: Boehner Pressed to Break Stalemate
By Siobhan Hughes

National Journal: With the One-Week DHS Funding Bill, Republicans Again Find Themselves Mired by Distractions
By Lauren Fox

The Hill: The terrible, horrible, no good start for the Republicans
By Scott Wong

Wall Street Journal: GOP Options Narrow on Homeland Security Funding
By Siobhan Hughes
March 2, 2015

National Journal: GOP Leaders Still Don’t Have a DHS Plan. But They May Have an Escape Hatch.
By Daniel Newhauser

The Hill: GOP lawmaker seeks to block use of obscure rule
By Rebecca Shabad

Roll Call: Conservatives Push Effort to Block ‘Clean’ DHS Bill
By Matt Fuller

Politico: GOP group targets House conservatives on DHS fight
By Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan

Wall Street Journal: Mayor Bill de Blasio Rebukes G.O.P. Over DHS Funding, Saying it Jeopardizes NYC
By Michael Howard Saul

Politico: Wall Street Journal editorial slams GOP ‘Cliff Marchers’
By Adam B. Lerner

Washington Post: Grassley wants to block so-called ‘amnesty bonuses’ for immigrants
By Josh Hicks

McClatchy: For Rubio, immigration shift could win the right but hurt elsewhere
By Chris Adams

MSNBC: Immigration lawyers see uptick in deportation despite Obama’s assurances
By Zach Blanchard

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Squandering a GOP Majority

National Journal (Opinion): The GOP’s Damage Done
By Charlie Cook

Washington Post (Opinion): Should Boehner be fired?
By Marc Thiessen

Washington Post (Opinion): Boehner’s pointless leadership
By Eugene Robinson

Washington Post (The Fix): This chart should terrify Republicans
By Chris Cillizza

Politico Magazine (Op-Ed): Can Democrats Retake the Senate in 2016?
By Larry Sabato

Washington Post (Plum Line): 2016 GOP hopefuls not willing to fight Obama lawlessness with every fiber of their being
By Greg Sargent

The American Prospect (Opinion): CPAC, Congress and 2016: How Immigration Continues to Pull the Republican Party Down
By Paul Waldman

Washington Post (Opinion): GOP immigration kabuki: A play in three acts
By Paul Waldman

New York Times (Op-Ed): A Life Without Papers
By Ehiracenia Vasquez