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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 25, 2014

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Arizona Republic: A year after Senate acted on immigration, hope is dead 

Arizona Republic: Politics of border security hamper immigration overhaul

Boston.com: Hondurans Flee Violence

Associated Press: Crime, belief they can stay drive migrants to US

Wall Street Journal: Congressional Republicans Ramp Up Attack on Obama Immigration Record

Associated Press: US: Looking at All Options in Immigration Surge

Politico: John Boehner forms group to address child migrant crisis

Roll Call: Boehner Convenes GOP Task Force on Border Crisis

Washington Times: House GOP taps task force to address illegal immigrant children surge

Associated Press: Johnson to visit border facilities in Arizona

The Hill: Feinstein presses House to pass funding for child immigrants

The Hill: Bill would provide lawyers to children crossing border 

Roll Call: Boehner Planning House Lawsuit Against Obama Executive Actions

The Hill: Boehner eyes lawsuit against Obama on executive orders 

Roll Call: White House Not Reacting Yet to Boehner Lawsuit Plan

Politico: Takeaways from a wild primary night

Politico: Bob Beauprez bests Tancredo in Colorado

The Hill: GOP avoids headache for Colo. governor

The Hill: McCarthy presents himself as Mr. Right

Huffington Post: Darrell Issa Calls For Obama To Restart Deportation Of Dreamers

USA Today: A year later, bright hopes quashed on immigration

Gannett: Bennet blames House for stalled immigration reforms 

The Hill: Senate confirms DHS immigration nominee 

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah): Utah legislators join letter urging immigration reform

NBC Los Angeles (California): DMV Begins Hearings on Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

USA Today (Editorial): What border kids need: Our view

CNN (Opinion): How we can help kids crossing the border

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): McCarthy closing the door on immigration reform

The Hill (Opinion): Dick Morris: Is immigration dead?

The Hill (Opinion): Dreamers are vital to the national interest of our military

New York Times (Room for Debate): Citizen of the State of New York: A National Solution

New York Times (Room for Debate): Citizen of the State of New York: Cheapens U.S. Citizenship

New York Times (Room for Debate): Citizen of the State of New York: Roots in American History 

New York Times (Room for Debate): Citizen of the State of New York: Strengthens U.S. Citizenship

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Failed Immigration Policy Rears Its Ugly Head As Minors Stream Across Border

Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois – Opinion): Emanuel switch on immigration: Evolution or hipocresía?