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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 16, 2014

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Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: The great right wing rebellion of 2014 fizzles
By Greg Sargent

CNN: Immigration reform: Kevin McCarthy’s ‘House of Cards’

Jacksonville Business Journal: 5 reasons why immigration reform may not be dead after all
By Kent Hoover

CBS News: GOP Chairman, Senator at odds on how to reach Hispanic voters
By Rebecca Kaplan

Huffington Post: Reince Priebus After Eric Cantor Loss: I Don’t Think GOP Is Divided
By Elise Foley

 The Hill: RNC chairman: GOP not divided ‘at all’
By Kyle Balluck

Associated Press: Despite Cantor’s loss, Obama stands by plan to await possible House GOP action on immigration
By Josh Lederman

CBS News: Eric Cantor’s Immigration Predicament

The Hill: Cantor doesn’t blame stunning primary loss on immigration or anti-Semitism
By Alexander Bolton

Politico: Walden: Immigration ‘played a role’ in Cantor loss
By Austin Wright

Politico: Graham: Cantor lost because he didn’t define himself on immigration
By Lauren French

Arizona Republic: McCain: Cantor wasn’t doomed by immigration reform
By Dan Nowicki

 Wall Street Journal: After Cantor Loss, GOP Fissures Appear on Immigration Position
By Beth Reinhard

American Prospect: Eric Cantor Defeated and Nothing Changes — Not Even Prospects for Immigration Reform
By Paul Waldman

Fox News Latino: How Will Eric Cantor’s Potential Successor, Kevin McCarthy, Handle Immigration Reform?
By Elizabeth Llorente

MSNBC: Raul Labrador’s complicated history on immigration reform
By Benjy Sarlin

The Hill: Steve King: Labrador too ‘pro-amnesty’
By Cristina Marcos

June 13, 2014

The Hill: Who is Rep. Raul Labrador?
By Alexander Bolton and Bob Cusack

The Hill: House panel to discuss spike in child immigrants
By Cristina Marcos

Washington Post: Influx of minors across Texas border driven by belief that they will be allowed to stay in U.S.
By David Nakamura

Wall Street Journal: Migrant Surge Jams Border
By Ana Campoy

The Hill: Biden to tackle ‘misperceptions’ of immigration policy
By Kyle Balluck

Politico: Joe Biden to discuss child migrants in Latin America
By Josh Gerstein

Associated Press: Border Patrol Agents Warned Against Speaking With Reporters On Immigrant Children Crisis

 BuzzFeed: Exclusive: White House Plans To Move 1,000 Immigrant Minors To Richmond, Baltimore
By John Stanton

Roll Call: Latest Budget Skirmishes: From School Lunch to Immigration
By David Hawkings

Associated Press: GOP Strength In 2014 Could Be A Problem In 2016
By Nicholas Riccardi and Charles Babington

The Hill: Graham to GOP: Don’t be ‘delusional’ about immigration reform
By Alexander Bolton

The Hill: Santorum to GOP: Back off immigration
By Alexander Bolton

National Journal: Immigration Activists Have Lost Patience With Obama
By Elahe Izadi

New York Times (The Upshot): Why Hispanics Don’t Have a Larger Political Voice
By Nate Cohn

New York Times: Immigration Is Key, Not Top, Issue in South Carolina County
By Alan Blinder

Washington Post: Arizona Republicans threaten action over immigration
By Reid Wilson

Washington Post: Maine governor blocks aid for illegal immigrants
By Sarah Ferris

New York Times: The Way North: Day 28: Immigrants Drawn to Meatpacking
By Damien Cave and Todd Heisler

New York Times: The Way North: Day 29: Challenges of Diversity
By Damien Cave and Todd Heisler

New York Times: The Way North: Day 30: ‘Connecting the Dots’
By Damien Cave and Todd Heisler

BuzzFeed: African Asylum Seekers Make Epic Trek Through Latin America To Reach The U.S.
By John Stanton

Virginian-Pilot (Virginia): Local lawmakers navigate the politics of immigration
By Bill Bartel

19 Action News (Ohio): Bittersweet Father’s Day for those facing deportation

Roll Call (Opinion): The Economic Case for Smart Immigration Reform | Commentary
By Greg Brown

The Hill (Congress Blog): This is why we can’t wait
By Greisa Martinez

The Hill (Congress Blog): CBP changes needed for border communities’ safety
By Manuel Rodriguez

 The Hill (Opinion): Anti-immigrant fervor grips U.S. and European right

By Brent Budowsky

The Hill (Opinion): Williams: Cantor can leave House as a hero
By Juan William

Bloomberg Businessweek (Opinion): The Soccer Fan’s Argument for Immigration Reform
By Charles Kenny