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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 2, 2014

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Huffington Post: Gallup Poll Shows How Much Latinos Loved Obama’s Immigration Announcement

Washington Post: Hispanic approval of President Obama surges following immigration announcement

Political Wire: Obama Approval Up Sharply Among Hispanics

Politico: The New GOP Divide

USA Today: Republicans hold hearings to protest immigration action

NBC News: One Year Later, Obama’s Immigration Heckler Feels Vindicated

Washington Post (Fact Checker Blog): Has House Republicans’ inaction on immigration cost $37 million a day?

Washington Post: Republicans meeting on strategy to counter Obama immigration moves

The Hill: Key moment for Boehner on immigration

Politico: New plan emerges to keep government open

CNN: Mayors back Obama immigration action

Politico: Jeh Johnson heads to Hill for immigration clash

AP: Jeb Bush Condemns Obama Immigration Order

Wall Street Journal: Homeland Chief Jeh Johnson Backs Immigration Action as ‘Simple Common Sense’

AP: Conservatives Work to Block Obama on Immigration

New York Time: Republicans Try to Balance Immigration Action While Avoiding a Shutdown

New York Times: Homeland Security Chief Set to Defend Immigration Action

Bloomberg: Obama Cabinet Shuffle Risks Further Immigration Fights

USA Today: Obama immigration plan will challenge agency, applicants

The Hill: Reid: Obama gave immigrants a ‘special’ Thanksgiving

Buzzfeed News: Mitch McConnell Thinks Immigration Should Be Fixed One Piece At A Time

The Atlantic: How Will Republicans Rebuke Obama on Immigration?

USA Today: Voices: Democrats poised to lock up Hispanic vote

Bloomberg: House Republicans Prepare Spending Bill Amid Immigration Dispute

The Hill: Mayors meeting to up pressure on immigration

Denver Post (Colorado): Hickenlooper expands on his controversial immigration remarks

Huffington Post  (Opinion) What Obama’s Immigration Executive Actions Mean for the Economy: 4 Key Business Fixes

New York Times (Opinion): Smooth Pivot on Immigration by the Deporter-in-Chief

Daily Beast (Opinion): The Liberal Case Against Illegal Immigration

Slate (Opinion): The U.S. Is Now Beating Europe as a Destination for Immigrants

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): The House’s game plan for immigration

Washington Post (Opinion): How much discretion does the executive branch have over immigration policy?

Washington Post (Opinion): How to push back on Obama’s executive amnesty

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Republicans have a simple response to Obama’s immigration tyranny

Real Clear Politics (Opinion): Congress Republicans Are In A Quandry Over Immigration

Dallas Morning News (Texas-Opinion): When it comes to ancestry and immigration, we all have stories