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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 18, 2014

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Bloomberg: Arizona Rejected by Top Court on Immigrant Driver’s Licenses

New York Times: Justices Let Stand a Ruling on Driver’s Licenses for Young Arizona Immigrants

Huffington Post: Supreme Court: Arizona Can’t Block IDs for Dreamers For Now

Reuters: U.S. top court blocks Arizona from denying driver’s licenses to immigrants

AP: Lawsuit Over Immigrant License Data

Talking Points Memo: Judge Who Axed Obama Immigration Actions Is No Stranger To Controversy 

NBC News: Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Up Among Latinos

AP:  Arizona Tucson police to stop some immigration checks

Al Jazeera Americau: The Year in Immigration: The fight for reform continues

National Journal: Russell Pearce’s Immigration Law Led to Boycotts of Arizona and Ended His Career. He’s Not Sorry.

The Hill: Jeb: I can ‘persuade’ on immigration

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Supreme Court clears way for AZ dreamers to get licenses

Washington Post (Monkey Cage- Op-Ed): Immigration activism — from the bench

Washington Post (Opinion): Unless I’m missing something, this is an exceedingly strange opinion

Forbes  (Opinion): Federal Judge Declares Obama Immigration Executive Order Unconstitutional; Problem Is Nobody Asked For His Opinion

Newsweek (Opinion): Delaying Immigration Reform Means More Exploitation of Cheap Labor

Newsweek: (Opinion): Why Jeb Bush No Longer Inspires Conservatives

Washington Post (Plum Line): Ted Cruz’s call to arms carries long-term risks for GOP

The Tennessean (Op-Ed-Tennessee): GOP missed opportunity to engage on immigration issue