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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 17, 2014

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CBS News: Jeb Bush and the Perils of Immigration

USA Today: Bush name: A leg up and a burden for Jeb in 2016

AP: End Game: No Immigration Deal, Just Divisions

Bloomberg: U.S. Says Judge Questioning Immigration Order Is Wrong

National Journal: How a Drunk Driving Case Became All About Obama’s Immigration Action

Huffington Post: Judge Who Ruled Against Obama Immigration Action Has Checkered Past

Washington Post: District court declares Obama immigration action unconstitutional

Politico: Obama’s immigration actions ruled unconstitutional

Vox: Republican Judge declares Obama’s immigration actions unconstitutional

The Hill: GOP feels immigration heat

Breitbart: Rand Paul Predicts GOP Will Pass Sane Immigration Reform [VIDEO]

Politico: Senate confirms ICE head

Bloomberg: Republicans Tip Hand on Obama Lines of Attack With Nominees

AP: Senate Confirms Obama Immigration Nominee

National Journal: Senate Approves Obama’s Border Agency Pick. Now Comes the Hard Part

The Hill: Senate confirms official who will lead Obama’s immigration program

Politico: On immigration, promise and peril for Bush

CNN: Bush: ‘No problems’ defending expanded immigration

The New Republic: Jeb Bush Is Running for President, But Obama Has Already Destroyed His Candidacy

The Atlantic: Jeb Bush Takes His First Step Toward the White House

Politico: Jeb Bush ‘actively’ exploring 2016 run

Politifact Florida: [EXCERPT] Fact-checking Jeb Bush, possible 2016 presidential contender

ABC News: Obama and Immigration: What He Did vs. How He Did it

Wall Street Journal: WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Steady on View of Immigration

The Hill: Poll: Majority want Congress to pass immigration reform

Politico: The White House was disappointed in tech’s reaction to its immigration changes

Politico: White House lectures tech on immigration

Fusion: ACLU lawsuit: U.S. is locking up mothers seeking asylum ‘to intimidate others’

Christian Science Monitor: How Mexican consulates are helping Obama’s immigration plan

Washington Post: Here’s how our immigration laws actually encourage illegal immigration

National Journal: The People of Phoenix Want You to Know They’re Not Intolerant

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pennsylvania): Federal judge in Pittsburgh declares Obama’s immigration action unconstitutional

New York Times (Upshot): Jeb Bush and the Base: It’s More About Persona Than Policies

Washington Post (Volokh Conspiracy): A poorly reasoned federal district court opinion striking down Obama’s executive order on immigration

Washington Post (Plum Line): Jeb Bush may run for president. Good.

Washington Post (Op-Ed): My Reason article on why Obama’s immigration policy is constitutional

Washington Post (In the Loop): Cornyn was for immigration enforcement nominee before he was against her

Fusion (Op-Ed): Obama’s power has its limits

Washington Post (Monkey Cage Blog): When party machines turned immigrants into citizens and voters

The Economist (Opinion): The immigrant numbers game