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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 28, 2014

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Fox News Latino: Rubio: Executive Action On Immigration Would Be Disastrous For Democrats

Associated Press: Obama Crafts Legal Rationale for Immigration Steps

Washington Post: White House considers proposals to sharply increase legal immigration

Washington Post: Obama’s immigration decision could roil 2014 election

USA Today: 5 things Obama may do to change immigration system

Boston Herald: Obama amnesty plan could hurt Democrats

Reuters: Immigration could set stage for big U.S. budget showdown

New York Times: Immigration Clash Could Lead to Shutdown

Des Moines Register: Steve King: Fall budget battle hinges on immigration

NPR: Rep. Ryan Cautions Obama Not To Issue Immigration Executive Order

Atlantic: Will Republicans Shut Down the Government Again?

The Hill: White House: Shutdown threat won’t deter executive action on immigration

Roll Call: White House: Government Shutdown Threat Won’t Change Our Immigration Plans (Video)

Politico: Dems paint GOP as shutdown party

New Republic: Stop Twisting Republican Quotes. They’re Not Threatening Another Government Shutdown.

New Republic: Yes, Republicans Are Threatening a Government Shutdown Fight

Washington Examiner: On immigration, which Democrats does Obama want to anger least?

CBS News: Sen. Marco Rubio hints at potential shutdown fight over immigration

The Hill: Rubio eyes government funding as way to block Obama on immigration

MSNBC: Marco Rubio retreats on immigration

Wall Street Journal: Rubio’s New Tone on Immigration Loud and Clear

Washington Post: What’s driving Marco Rubio’s big shift in tone

U.S. News & World Report: Marco Rubio’s Immigration Answer

Tampa Bay Times: Dismissing Rubio as ‘zealot,’ Wasserman Schultz blasts him for latest immigration comments

Associated Press: Immigration Judges’ Union Wants Independent Court

Nation: Government Agrees to Reform Coercive ‘Voluntary Departure’ Process

New York Times: 9 Mexicans Can Return to Contest Deportations

NPR: ACLU, U.S. Settle Lawsuit On Deportation Of Immigrants

Associated Press: Border Patrol revamps practices to settle lawsuit

NBC News: Heavy Police Tactics A Reality For Immigrants, Latinos Too

National Journal: Boehner Set to Raise Cash for Rep. Mike Coffman

Denver Post (Colorado): Bob Beauprez draws criticism for border remarks

NPR (Colorado): Colo. Democrats Bet On Immigration To Boost Udall’s Re-Election Bid

Washington Post (Maryland): Maryland, Virginia suburbs receive surge of border kids from Central America

San Francisco Chronicle (California): S.F. to take huge step for undocumented immigrant kids

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada): Las Vegans remain focused on immigration overload despite falloff in media coverage

News Journal (Delaware): More child migrants placed with Del. Families

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Rubio’s Letter on Immigration Shouldn’t Stop Obama

New York Magazine (Daily Intelligencer): The Dreamers Have Destroyed the Republican Immigration Strategy

Washington Post (Opinion): An anti-immigration group’s imaginary scapegoats

Huffington Post (Blog): The Children on Our Doorstep

Huffington Post (Blog): Republican Inaction on Immigration Signals a Strong Line Against Latinos