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Mosque Opponent Behind Murrieta, CA Protest Against Immigrant Children

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”?  Not so much.

The town of Murrieta, California is joining the ranks of famously anti-immigrant cities and states (think Arizona, Alabama, Hazleton PA, Farmer’s Branch TX, Fremont NE) after a few hundred residents blocked the road and forced three buses carrying undocumented children to turn away from their destination.  Some 140 children fleeing violence in their home countries were on those three buses, and were being transported to facilities in California.  The blocked buses instead headed to a customs and border facility in San Diego.

The protest was organized by a Tea Party-type group called We the People Rising.  The protesters held signs saying “send the illegals back,” “return to sender,” and warning of “diseases.”  Patrice Lynes, an unsuccessful candidate for Temecula City Council in 2012, organized the rally and once promoted a petition opposing the construction of a mosque in the town.

View video of the protest below: