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Month in Review: Faith Community Flexes Muscle on Immigration

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Watch out, FAIR.

The faith community has been flexing its muscle throughout September with one goal in mind: to bring humanity back into the immigration debate. And the momentum is most definitely building. Earlier this month, religious leaders who were holding a prayer vigil on Capitol Hill called for an end to hate in the dialogue on immigration were featured on the front page of the Washington Post.  

Last week, the Center for American Progress released a new report, Welcoming Thy Neighbor: Faith Communities and Immigration Reform, documenting the growing grassroots movement of faith communities around the country for immigration reform. Author, Sam Fulwood III, notes that this heightened level of activism in the faith community “…is an important development because it heralds a sweeping grassroots movement that will support political leaders in Washington who join their cause.”

Finally, be on the lookout for an upcoming hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee entitled, Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Faith-Based Perspectives.  The hearing was recently postponed due to the markup of healthcare legislation in the Finance Committee, but it’s an important acknowledgement of the critical nature of the faith community’s perspective and commitment to the immigration issue – it’s also remarkable how broad the support is across the political spectrum.