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Lou Dobbs Roundup: Pressure Mounts on CNN, How You Can Help

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Only 1 week old, our campaign to air a hard-hitting new Lou Dobbs television ad on CNN has already raised about a third of the $16,000 dollars needed. These contributions have come directly from hundreds of everyday people who are fed up with the hate speech on CNN.

Check out the coverage so far, and don’t forget to chip in here.

In “Dropping Lou Dobbs: Unrepentant Wingnuttery means CNN needs to choose between its credibility and its pride,” Dave Neiwert of Crooks and Liars argues:

Dobbs’s irresponsible brand of journalism besmirches the credibility of an organization like CNN. Which means that it needs to choose between preserving its fast-eroding integrity, or sacrificing it on the altar of Dobbs’ ego.

In “America’s Voice Uses Facebook Targeted Ads to Take On Lou Dobbs”, David Cohen reports for Media Bistro:

Pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice is going after CNN host Lou Dobbs in a big way, and it’s using Facebook’s targeted advertising to do so, ClickZ reported.

In “Ad Campaign Urges CNN To Drop Hater Lou Dobbs. How You Can Help,” blogger Baratunde Thurston (aka Jack Turner) of Jack and Jill Politics writes:

Dobbs is no friend to black people or just decent people. Adam goes on to cite the connection between Dobbs’ dehumanizing rhetoric and the rise in hate crimes against Latinos (again, something “we” know a bit about as I mentioned back during the cops-shoot-gorilla-as-proxy-for-Obama cartoon controversy last Spring).