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Immigration Must Reads: Which Way for Detention Reform, Obama Hits Univision’s Al Punto

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NYT editorial urging DHS to keeps its promise on detention reform despite departure of top official; asks for public release of her report (don’t hold your breath).

Intersection of health and immigration continues to upset Latino leaders: Reuters blog off of AV press conference last week and NPR interview with Rev. Luis Cortes.  Transcript from Al Punto, the Sunday news show of UNIVISION (take that, Fox News), with Jorge Ramos interviewing President Obama and Minority Leader Boehner.  Obama says no to coverage of undocumented immigrants, yes to covering legal immigrants, and on immigration reform- it’s difficult, but can be done.  Boehner says to undocumented immigrants: go home and get in line. Only one problem, though … what line?

Dueling headlines from Politico, “Obama edges away from immigration bill timeline” and Associated Press, “Obama embraces promise to move on immigration.”  Guess that pretty much sums it up, no?

Democracia Ahora in Miami goes after Dobbs, Arizona activists disappointed at pace of promised change, and Minnesota activists keep up the momentum for real immigration reform.