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Immigration Must Reads: Congressman Stands for Immigration Reform, Pressure Mounts on CNN

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We’ve been a bit busy this week, but here’s Friday’s roundup.

Rep. Gutierrez (D-IL) says yes to community call to introduce immigration reform legislation.  There’s a Washington Times piece that actually captures what’s happening on the immigration and health care debate.  Sen. Menendez, who is on the Senate Finance Committee, prepares to play a key role on immigrants and health care.

And though healthcare and immigrants seems to be the news this week – and for at least a good while – here are a few other salient clips from the immigration realm:

The campaign against Lou Dobbs heats up, with Democracia Ahora throwing down, and related, Albor Ruiz of the Daily News takes FAIR to task. The Economist writes about the continuing DHS crackdown and Catholic News Agency reports on Bishops who came to town to advocate for immigration reform.

Enjoy the clips. And the weekend!