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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, August 27, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

AP: Trump says he’s proud he booted Univision’s Ramos from event
By Jill Colvin and Sergio Bustos

New York Times: Donald Trump Holds Firm, Saying Jorge Ramos Was ‘Out of Line’
By Alan Rappeport

Washington Post: In Trump vs. Ramos, conservatives pick a side
By David Weigel

The Hill: White House takes swipe at Trump for booting Univision reporter
By Jordan Fabian

National Journal: Latino Twitter Reacts to Trump Ejecting Ramos
By Matt Vasilogambros

CBS News: Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos find common ground through Trump

Fusion: Jorge Ramos to Megyn Kelly on Trump: ‘He tried to silence me’
By Tamara Weston

Vox: Donald Trump’s confrontation with famous Latino journalist Jorge Ramos, explained
By Dara Lind

Fusion: Fusion’s Jorge Ramos will talk Trump with Fox’s Megyn Kelly
By Tamara Weston

The Intercept: Jorge Ramos Commits Journalism, Gets Immediately Attacked by Journalists
By Glenn Greenwald

Los Angeles Times: In Jorge Ramos, Donald Trump may have picked the wrong media star to tussle with
By Christine Mai-Duc

Washington Post: Trump: Ramos was ‘raving like a madman’
By Jose DelReal

Des Moines Register: Leaked emails show new Trump aide used to scorn him
By Jennifer Jacobs

AP: Cities Say Trump’s Comments on Immigrants in Gangs Unfounded

Los Angeles Times: How Donald Trump turned the immigration debate from reform to ‘anchor babies’
By Kate Linthicum

Buzzfeed  News:  Donald Trump Told Dreamers They’d Convinced Him On Immigration, They Say
By Adrian Carrasquillo

NBC News: First Read: Donald Trump’s Constantly Moving Targets
By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

National Journal: Trump Preaching to Shrinking White Electorate Creates Problems for GOP
By Ronald Brownstein

The Hill: Ben Carson’s Latino outreach flop
By Raul Reyes

AP: Rubio: Donald Trump Won’t Be Republican Nominee

New York Times: Ad Portrays Donald Trump and His Rivals as a Single Voice on Immigration
By Maggie Haberman

Washington Post: On home turf, Bush unloads on Trump: ‘He should be held to account just like me’
By Ed O’Keefe

AP: Fatal shot in San Francisco pier shooting was ricochet
By Paul Elias

Bloomberg: The Koch Brothers Have an Immigration Problem
By Zachary Mider

Vox: What everyone gets wrong about “anchor babies”
By Amanda Taub

Washington Post (Opinion): The havoc that Trump wreaks
By George Will

Washington Post (Opinion): Republicans stay mostly silent in face of Trump’s bigotry and misogyny
By Dana Milbank

USA Today (Opinion): Trump demeans Latinos, again (part 84)
By Raul Reyes

Salon (Opinion): Paul Krugman throws down: GOP base loves Trump because he’s “a belligerent, loudmouthed racist” just like them
By Scott Kaufman

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Hate-Group Watchdog: Trump Has ‘White Nationalist Positions’
By Daniel Marans

Creators.Com (Opinion): Ramos 1, Trump Zee-ro
By Connie Schultz

Washington Post: The Trumpification of the news
By EJ Dionne

Washington Post (Opinion): Fox News’s Jesse Watters says that Jorge Ramos ‘acted like an illegal alien and got treated like one’
By Erik Wemple

Washington Post (Plum Line): Megyn Kelly nails it on why Donald Trump matters
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Right Turn): Missing the point in the Trump-Ramos face-off
By Jennifer Rubin

NBC News (Op-Ed): What We Should Really Take Away From Trump-Ramos Dust-Up
By Juan Castillo

Politico: Trump Meets His Match in Jorge Ramos
By Jack Shafer

Politico Magazine (Opinion): The GOP Field That Failed
By Rich Lowry

En español:

Anclados a la intolerancia
Por Maribel Hastings

¿Quién es Jorge Ramos en México?

Incidente Ramos-Trump indigna a hispanos: algunos critican al periodista

Rivales de Trump deploran las agresiones contra Jorge Ramos (Video)

Detalles del enfrentamiento entre Trump y Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos: “No estaba buscando provocar, el que no está bien aquí es Trump”

Ricky Martin le dedicó contundente carta a Donald Trump

Confrontación Trump-Ramos no debería sorprender

Carrera presidencial: el pleito fue entre adictos al conflicto

Trump es el aspirante republicano con la peor imagen entre los hispanos de EEUU

¿Benefician a Donald Trump sus confrontaciones con los medios de comunicación? (Video)

Grupos civiles temen aumento de ataques contra latinos por retórica de Trump

El polémico alguacil Joe Arpaio quiere ir a México con Trump en viaje oficial

Arpaio quiere visitar México con Donald Trump

¿Despertará Trump al gigante dormido: el voto latino?

¿Quién votaría por Joe Biden?

Trump vs Ramos
Por María Elena Salinas

El reality show de Jorge Ramos y Donald Trump

El punzante historial de pleitos del candidato Donald Trump con medios y periodistas

De Trump a Trump: nativismo americano

O’Malley y Chafee, únicos candidatos que acudirán a foro migratorio en EEUU

Temor por la no entrega de actas en Texas

El muro fronterizo y el narcotráfico (Video)

¿Se cumplen las funciones del muro fronterizo?

EEUU: Muestran pistola usada por mexicano en incidente fatal

Congreso alentó inmigración ilegal con la ley de 1965, dicen expertos

Californianos apoyan cobertura médica para indocumentados

México apoya demanda de ‘sin papeles’ contra Texas

Regresa el primer grupo de mexicanos deportados con salida voluntaria entre 2009 y 2014

Regresa a California primer grupo de mexicanos que firmó deportación por salida voluntaria (Video)

Estafadores roban a centroamericanos con promesas de hallar a sus seres queridos (Video)

Agentes migratorios mexicanos niegan atención a un niño hondureño herido