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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, August 26, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

New York Times: At Donald Trump Event, Jorge Ramos of Univision Is Snubbed, Ejected and Debated
By Trip Gabriel

Wall Street Journal:  Donald Trump Boots Univision’s Ramos From News Conference
By Heather Haddon

Washington Post: Trump tangles with Latino newsman, launches fresh attacks on GOP rivals
By Philip Rucker and Robert Costa

Washington Post: First, Trump booted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of his news conference. Then things got interesting.
By Philip Rucker

Washington Post: Donald Trump kicked TV’s most influential Latino newsman out of a press conference
By Janell Ross

Politico: Donald Trump’s newest media brawl
By Annie Karni

The Hill: Ramos: ‘Never in my life’ have I been ejected
By Mark Hensch

CNN: Univision anchor ejected from Trump news conference
By Theodore Schleifer

New York Times: Latino News Media, Offended by Donald Trump, Shows It in Broadcasts
By Ashley Parker

The Hill: Hispanics pan Trump in poll
By Ben Kamisar

Wall Street Journal: ‘Nothing Disqualifies Trump’ Among Virginia Focus Group Participants
By Rebecca Ballhaus

Buzzfeed News: David Duke On Trump: He’s “Certainly The Best Of The Lot” Running For President
By Andrew Kaczynski

National Journal: Debunking Trump’s Claims on Immigration and the Blue Collar Workforce
By Tim Fernholz Quartz

Vox: Is Jeb Bush’s immigration position really as extreme as Donald Trump’s?
By Dara Lind

Wall Street Journal: ‘Nothing Disqualifies Trump’ Among Virginia Focus Group Participants
By Rebecca Ballhaus

AP: Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship
By Nicholas Riccardi and Sergio Bustos

New York Times: Jeb Bush’s Choice of Words Upsets Asian-Americans
By Alan Rappeport

Politico: Immigration experts: Jeb Bush had a point on ‘anchor babies’
By Seung Min Kim

Washington Post: With ‘anchor babies,’ another distraction for Bush’s campaign
By Ed O’Keefe

Bloomberg: Jeb Bush: Hard for Anyone to Lecture Me on Immigration Politics
By Kim Chapman

MSNBC: Bush: Don’t lecture me on immigration
By Jane C. Timm

New York Times: Jeb Bush on How He and Donald Trump Differ Over Immigration
By Michael Barbaro

Vox: Jeb Bush, “anchor babies,” and America’s deep legacy of anti–Asian American racism
By Dara Lind

Huffington Post: Nearly Every Presidential Candidate Is Skipping An Immigration Forum In Iowa This Weekend
By Elise Foley

NBC News: Martin O’Malley Blasts Democratic Rivals For Skipping Immigration Forum
By Suzanna Gamboa

Buzzfeed News: The Behind The Scenes Jockeying To Speak To Univision And Telemundo Ahead Of 2016
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Politico: Graham: Trump’s immigration plan is ‘stupid’ and ‘illegal’
By Nick Gass

Fox News: Ted Cruz on changing the policy of birthright citizenship [VIDEO]

Washington Post: Ted Cruz and Megyn Kelly tangle over immigration
By Katie Zezima

Washington Post: 6 ways Scott Walker has become more Trumpy
By Jenna Johnson

Daily Beast: Scott Walker: Anti-Immigrant Phony
By Betsy Woodruff

New York Times: Closer Scrutiny as Chinese Seek to Give Birth in the United States
By Cao Li

USA Today: Pope expected to challenge Congress on immigration
By Erin Kelly

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): Man pleads guilty to forcing immigrants to work on Ohio egg farms
By Mitch Stacy

New York Times (Editorial): Jeb Bush Visita la Frontera

Bloomberg (Editorial): Beyond Birthright Citizenship

USA Today (Opinion): Trump’s immigration plan? Big government with an extra dose of impractical
By Tim Kane

Washington Post (Opinion): How Donald Trump makes America grate
By Jonathan Capehart

Washington Post (Plum Line): Dear Republicans: You could have avoided this whole Donald Trump disaster
By Greg Sargent

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Donald Trump Is Killing the Republican Party
By Henry Fernandez

Washington Post (The Fix):No, Donald Trump isn’t hurting Republicans with Latinos (Part 2)
By Scott Clement

Washington Post (Monkey Cage): Will Trump’s view on immigration hurt the GOP? Maybe not.
By LJ Zigerell

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Why Trump Could Win the GOP Nomination
By Robert Creamer

The Hill (Op-Ed): Repealing birthright citizenship is a really dumb idea
By Gregory Wallance

Los Angeles Times (Editorial-California): The immigration court backlog: Why won’t Congress act?

En español:

Hispanos rechazan a Donald Trump (Video)

Anclados a la intolerancia
Por Maribel Hastings

La campaña de Trump expulsa a Jorge Ramos de rueda de prensa (Video)

“Regrésate a Univision”: Donald Trump expulsa a Jorge Ramos de conferencia de prensa

Intercambio entre Jorge Ramos y Donald Trump (Video)

Jorge Ramos: “Nunca me habían sacado de una conferencia de prensa” (Video)

Jorge Ramos habla sobre su encuentro con Donald Trump

Las redes reaccionan tras la expulsión de Jorge Ramos de una conferencia de Trump

Viral: #Jorge Ramos, más de 153,000 menciones en TW (Video)

Equipo de seguridad de Donald Trump expulsa a Jorge Ramos de conferencia de prensa en Iowa (Video)

Jorge Ramos expulsado de conferencia de prensa de Donald Trump

Trump hace sacar a presentador de Univision

“¡Lárgate de mi país!”, le gritaron a Jorge Ramos (Video)

Expulsa Trump a Jorge Ramos

Donald Trump expulsa de conferencia al periodista Jorge Ramos

La tensa rueda de prensa de Donald Trump de la que expulsaron al periodista Jorge Ramos de Univision

Donald Trump expulsa de una rueda de prensa al periodista Jorge Ramos

Donald Trump echa al periodista Jorge Ramos de conferencia de prensa

Donald Trump expulsa al periodista ‘estrella’ Jorge Ramos de una rueda de prensa en Iowa

Jorge Ramos: “Mi trabajo era y es hacer preguntas”

Trump niega respuesta a Jorge Ramos y lo expulsa de conferencia

Donald Trump expulsa a Jorge Ramos de una rueda de prensa

Trump expulsó al periodista Jorge Ramos de una rueda de prensa

Donald Trump expulsa a Jorge Ramos de rueda de prensa

Periodistas hispanos condenan la expulsión de Univision en un acto de Trump

Hispanos de EEUU rechazan a Trump y aún desconocen al resto de republicanos

Donald Trump critica regreso de Megyn Kelly

La familia de inmigrantes de Donald Trump

Donald Trump se burla de Jeb Bush por ligar a los asiáticos con ‘bebés ancla’

Por qué Jeb Bush es el candidato más popular entre los hispanos

Bush critica planes migratorios de Trump

Biden coquetea con posible candidatura y pone en vilo campaña de Clinton

Obama da su ‘bendición’ a una posible candidatura de Joe Biden para 2016

9 tonterías con las que atacan a inmigrantes durante las elecciones en EEUU

5 cosas de hoy sobre la campaña 2016

Activistas acusan a ICE de negarles acceso a detenidos por exponer abusos

Coyotes se las ingenian para cruzar la frontera en motos de agua (Video)

Solicitud de papeles para entrar a México sorprende a extranjeros en frontera

Continúa cruce de guatemaltecos por ruta alternativa en Yuma, en sur de EEUU

Donald Trump continúa a la baja con los latinos, según encuesta de Gallup
Por Carlos Rajo

Hispano podría ser deportado

Mayor migración interna en EEUU fue en California y con mayoría hispana

Mesera escribe comentario racista en ticket de familia mexicana (Video)

Inmigrantes sin autorización tienen derecho a armas

EEUU amplía 18 meses permiso temporal de trabajo y residencia para haitianos