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Immigration Reform News Today, July 17, 2015

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Washington Post: Trump says building a U.S.-Mexico wall is ‘easy.’ But is it really?
By Jerry Markon

Washington Post: Democrats eager to exploit contrast in styles between Trump and Clinton
By Sean Sullivan

Politico: The mystery of the Trump coalition
By Ben Schreckinger and Cate Martel

Washington Post: Poll finds Hispanic disapproval of Trump rhetoric on illegal immigrants
By Dan Balz and Peyton Craighill

Wall Street Journal: Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump’s Comments Not Offensive
By Heather Haddon

Bloomberg: Donald Trump Says He’s Thankful for Ted Cruz’s Support
By Mark Halperin and Kendall Breitman

New Yorker: John McCain Has a Few Things to Say About Donald Trump
By Ryan Lizza

The Hill: McCain: Trump ‘fired up the crazies’
By Mark Hensch

Politico: John McCain: Trump ‘fired up the crazies’
By Nick Gass

Politico: Poll: Hillary Clinton has big lead among Hispanics
By Nick Gass

New York Times: Today in Politics: Organizers Build Up Events in Iowa, and the Candidates Come
By Alan Rappeport

New York Times:  Texas: U.S. Will Seek Return of Work Permits
By Julia Preston

Politico: Feds take steps to comply with immigrant work-permit court order
By Seung Min Kim

NBC News: Still Have 3-Yr. DACA Work Permit? Feds Need to Replace It with 2-Yr One
By Suzanne Gamboa

National Journal: How to Lure Immigrants Into the Mainstream
By Ted Hesson

Buzzfeed News: In Arizona, Black And White Progressives Jolted By The Harsh Lives And Stories Of Undocumented Immigrants
By Adrian Carrasquillo

La Opinion (Editorial): Sanctuaries and Immigration Reform

USA Today (Opinion): How violent are undocumented immigrants?
By Alan Gomez

Wall Street Journal (Op-Ed): Immigrant-Bashers Will Lose the Evangelical Vote
By Russel Moore and Samuel Rodriguez

Washington Post (Opinion): Bill O’Reilly says Mitch McConnell has professed support for ‘Kate’s Law.’ Really?
By Erik Wemple

Washington Post (Plum Line): The GOP problem with Latinos goes much deeper than Donald Trump’s rhetoric
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Right Turn): Rick Perry’s glorious takedown of Donald Trump
By Jennifer Rubin

The Hill (Op-Ed): Trump and the myth of a Mexican crime wave
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

The Hill (Op-Ed): Immigration in America: The real debate
By Theresa Cardinal Brown

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Open letter from Hispanic Republicans to Donald Trump

Plain Dealer (Editorial- Ohio): Trumping the Cleveland GOP debate(s)