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Immigrants Respond To Donald Trump: “We All Have To Work, And We All Have To Pay Taxes”

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Univision talked to an immigrant business owner who unsurprisingly had zero tolerance for Donald Trump’s recent remark that skipping out on paying federal income taxes makes him “smart.”

“We all have to work, and we all have to pay taxes,” she told Univision. “Someone who has large sums of money and doesn’t pay, it makes you wonder — what about the rest of us?”

According to the bombshell report from the New York Times, Trump may have skipped out on paying his federal income taxes for up to two decades after declaring a nearly-$1 billion dollar loss on his 1995 returns.

Undocumented immigrants, on the other hand, contribute nearly $12 billion annually in state and federal taxes. In New York, they contribute over $1 billion dollars in taxes. So much for being moochers.

Click below to watch the Spanish-language clip from Univision.

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