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Enough! ICE Invades Home of Border Patrol Officer

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Just last week, the Cordozo School of Law’s Immigrant
Justice Center released its study on ICE immigration raids, and noted that among the organization’s
many violations

ICE has admitted that
these are warrantless raids and, therefore, that any entries into homes require
the informed consent of residents.

If ICE’s own admission to the warrantless-ness of its
actions sounds ludicrous to you, then consider
this: ICE raiding the homes of those who work for its sister agency, Customs
and Border Patrol.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

According to the Washington Post, several uniformed ICE agents barged into a Border
Patrol agent’s home looking for a Hispanic woman, before they realized that
they had the wrong house, which was only after
it was revealed that they had invaded the home of a border patrol agent.  The border patrol agent is now suing.

So there
you have it. Not only are immigrants, Hispanics, and innocent people
(no, those are not mutually exclusive categories) caught up in these misguided home raids, but so, apparently, are Border Patrol officers.

Something is seriously wrong if ICE can’t even get that right.

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