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Advocate Writes To Us: “I Stand In Solidarity With My Latino Brothers And Sisters As Donald Trump Threatens”

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Here’s yet another fantastic letter we received from a new advocate who found out about the America’s Voice organization through the recent #RacismIsntFunny campaign.

One of AV’s own, Juan Escalante, was front and center during the delivery of over half a million petition signatures to NBC Studios calling on SNL to rescind Donald Trump’s hosting invitation, and he was one of the leaders of the massive rally the day of the show’s taping.

The campaign made a huge impression on our new advocate, Nicola, and judging from the hundreds who rallied on Saturday and the 520,000 people who have so far signed onto the campaign, quite a few other people too.

We wanted to share Nicola’s message to us below.

Dear America’s Voice and Juan Escalante,

Prior to this past week, I had never heard of your organization. My parents immigrated from Italy. In the honored tradition of the Garibaldi family, I stand in solidarity with my Latino brothers and sisters as Donald Trump threatens.

Your organization was “in the house” big time in NYC this past week!  You took on THE most powerful real estate mogul on earth and one of the most powerful media conglomerates, NBC and you came out with a clear message heard in every corner of print, online, radio and televised media:  STOP THE HATE.

Mr. Juan Escalante in all the media I have seen him quoted or played his interview, showed laser clear precision in getting to the heart of the matter and articulating what is on our minds.  More Juan, please.

In my early days of community organizing in the 1980s we called what you did “guerilla theater” and you perfected it with the box of signatures, clear message, professional and dignified tone . You went into the ring with the heavyweight champion of media manipulation and came out swinging!!

I am so proud to have stood with you as you  led us on November 4 and 7.  This will be one of the historic weeks and places celebrated in a future America (not long away) where racism against Latinos will NEVER be tolerated, let alone laughed at or celebrated.  It will be as “Stonewall” is for the LGBT community, the William Pettis Bridge for African-Americans or Seneca Falls is for the women’s right to vote.

I will stay informed about America’s Voice and hope to support your work and the next steps necessary to make Lorne Michaels and NBC accountable.

SNL, listen up, we have just begun to fight!

Yours Truly,
Nicola Antonio DeMarco