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Hot Air's AllahPundit: Just Pass the Funding Bill Already

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In the latest update on the looming government shutdown, the House and Senate are poised to vote on a short-term continuing resolution funding DHS for all of three weeks….apparently so that the Republican intransigence and intra-party squabbling that’s been going on this past month can continue for a little while longer.  Politico notes that the Congressional calendar is already full next month — Congress needs to pass a Medicare reimbursement formula and a budget — and Vox points out that Republicans may, you know, want to do some of the actual governing they were elected for in the first place.

But there are right-wingers, as well, who are not happy about this kicking of the can.  Polling shows that Americans want national security to be funded independently of any immigration language, and even National Review recently admitted that it’s Republicans who will [rightfully] be blamed for a shutdown.  The writing’s on the wall, and a clean DHS bill is the only way forward.  So why punt for a few more weeks?

Don’t just take it from us.  That’s the argument that Allahpundit at the right-wing blog Hot Air presented yesterday.  It’s time for Republican leadership to just bite the bullet:

Since the GOP’s attempt to wield [the Congressional power of the purse] has produced a total fiasco, there’s no reason to think a new funding standoff a few months from now would end any differently. We’ll be back in the same trench we’re in now, with House conservatives demanding that DHS funding be tied to undoing Obama’s amnesty, Senate Republicans insisting that that’s impossible because of the Democratic filibuster, and Boehner caught in the middle. Rarely do I quote Peter King approvingly but the man’s got a point: If Boehner’s destined to cave, why not cave now? Are grassroots righties going to feel markedly better about him and McConnell next week after we’ve experienced a token DHS shutdown for a few days?

Meanwhile, National Review has op-ed writers claiming that the correct conservative strategy all along has been to attach anti-executive-action amendments to something “the Left” likes, such as Common Core, as opposed to something important and vital like DHS.

As of this writing, the Senate has passed a clean bill funding DHS through September.  It’s Speaker Boehner — whom we already know is in thrall to the Steve King-wing of the House — who is apparently unwilling to give up the fight.  But prior to yesterday, Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell hadn’t even met for two weeks.  What makes Boehner think he can find a way out of this self-imposed mess in the next three?