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Govote.org: new tool to empower first-time voters

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This year,
millions of new voters, including the 500,000 new immigrant voters registered by
the We Are America Alliance
, will head to the polls.  Sadly,  we’ve
already heard experts predicting potential voting problems, whether as a result
of new ID laws in some states, misinformation, long lines, or just not knowing
where to vote.

Well, GoVote.org is a handy new site that provides voters
all the information they need on where to vote early, polling places, ID
requirements, and more- in English and Spanish. All first-time voters have to do is put in
their zip code, and voila- problem solved.  Ambitious site users can even
add their own information.

Now there’s
no excuse not to vote- so pass it on. Empower your friends. Go vote. Together we can  make sure our communities don’t miss out on
this historic election.