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Bryan Fischer: Immigrants Should ‘Convert to Christianity’ Upon Arriving in US

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bryan fischerHoo, boy. 

On our extremism radar this week is Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, talk show host of American Family Radio, blogger of the AFA-run Rightly Concerned, and general mouthpiece for just about every hate cause imaginable.

Yesterday’s slander was targeted at immigrants, who should “convert to Christianity” upon arriving in the US or “stay home”.  From Fischer’s blog, as noted by People for the American Way

Allowing Muslims to immigrate into the United States, a Christian nation by origin, history and tradition, without insisting that they drop their allegiance to Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, and sharia law, is to commit cultural suicide. We believe in freedom of religion for Muslims like we do for everybody else. But if they insist on clinging to their religion, they will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country which shares their values: death for those who leave Islam, the beating of wives by their husbands, and the labeling of Jews as apes and pigs.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and our policy should be to admit to our shores only those with a commitment to a full assimilation to American culture, adopting our faith, our heroes, and our history. Someone with a Muslim background who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island.