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Elected Officials to Pal around with Community Organizers, Real People

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logo for eventThis Thursday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), will join more than 500 grassroots leaders to outline priorities for the 111th Congress and a renewed effort for comprehensive immigration reform. The event, called “Realizing the Promise,” will urge the new Congress and Administration to end inhumane ICE raids. It will push for policies that both keep families together and strengthen our economic viability in a time of growing uncertainty.

We can only hope that other members of the 111th Congress follow Rep. Gutierrez’s leadership here. What if we could mandate a renewed “palling around” by DC elected officials with real people who understand the needs of their communities?

Maybe we’d finally make headway on real issues like immigration reform.

Here’s the take from Rep. Gutierrez’s office:

President-Elect Obama harnessed the power of community organizing to rise to our nation’s highest political office. But it wouldn’t have happened without real, everyday people on the ground organizing for change across the country. That is why 2,000 organizers and community leaders are coming to DC to help shape the agenda for Congress and the new Administration.

Realizing the Promise has a full-fledged website and blog for those who cannot attend the event in person. Organizers will be live-casting the event and are describing it this way:

Realizing The Promise is an unprecedented opportunity for real, everyday people to have a voice in shaping public policy in our country. During the forum, community leaders will speak directly with elected officials about the issues that matter most for all of us and the policies and solutions we need to make America work for all of us.

Check out their teaser: