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Democracia AHORA to CNN: Enough is Enough! Drop Dobbs Now

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Democracia AHORA is the latest Hispanic group to have launched a campaign asking CNN to get rid of Lou Dobbs. They’re kicking their campaign off today with a scathing report that reveals that ninety out of the hundred Hispanic leaders interviewed feel that Dobbs has created a negative image of Hispanics. Politico reports:

Democracia Ahora is hoping the report inspires a grassroots movement aimed at executives at CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, to draw attention to what the group calls “frequent negative portrayals of Hispanics on the Lou Dobbs show.”

The group finds themselves in good company with Presente.org launching its campaign against Lou Dobbs earlier this week, along with Media Matters and its “Drop Dobbs” campaign.  Providing more fuel for the fire, Dobbs was featured as last night’s “Worst person in the World”  on Countdown with Keith Olbermann where Dobbs is criticized for adding another conspiracy to his list of “deathers” and “birthers.”

Yes. Now we have “Czar-ers.” Keith Olbermann quotes Dobbs:

To be clear, we should point out that that number in the Bush administration, the number of Czars – in point of fact, the highest number of czars that we were able to document in our own reporting here on this broadcast or the number of czars previous to the 34, 35 czars appointed by President Obama in his frist eight months in office was during the Clinton Administration, and he had only 10 czars – a remarkable change of emphasis in czardom, if you will. How open and transparent of the DNC.