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Conservative Leaders Call on Congress to Follow the Bible, Reform Immigration

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As conservative Republicans in Congress continue to tack right on immigration before the November mid-terms, conservative leaders outside of Washington are coming together, calling on Republicans to work with Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform.

Conservative religious leaders from across the country and across the religious spectrum have united in a cohesive effort to push for a just and compassionate solution to our broken immigration system. A handful of these leaders went to Congress today to make their case for comprehensive immigration reform at a hearing dubbed, “The Ethical Imperative for Reform of Our Immigration System.”

The voices of support for comprehensive immigration reform among those of faith have been growing louder and more unified.  The “Interfaith Platform on Humane Immigration Reform” has over 500 signatures from a variety of religious groups and leaders and the National Association of Evangelicals recently expressed their support for a just immigration system. Not only do the leaders of these various and diverse religious organizations agree with the cause for just immigration reform, but recent polls show that majorities of Catholics, mainline Protestants and Evangelicals are behind them.