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Center for Community Change: 15 Ways Community Groups Are Schooling Anti-Immigrant Haters

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The Center for Community Change has a great blog post today at Buzzfeed:

Far right-wing anti-immigrant extremists have come out this summer to capitalize on the child refugee crisis happening at the border. As young children flee for their lives, anti-immigrant protesters have attempted to use this moment as an opportunity to be in the spotlight. But immigrant rights groups were always one step ahead, shining light on their hypocrisy, racism and pure idiocy, and drowning out their hate speech with messages of compassion and love.

Here are some of the examples they’ve contrasted:

2. They strip refugee children of their humanity:


We cherish all children, regardless of where they come from:


3. They see the border as the dividing line between “us” and “them”:


We know the true meaning of love your neighbor:


4. They reject child refugees in the name of patriotism:


We understand that America is, and always has been, a nation of immigrants…6

15. They have a few protesters and call it a rally:


We show them what a rally really looks like:


Read the full piece at Buzzfeed.