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Black Immigration Activists and Allies Rally Against the Mistreatment & Disregard of Black Migrants by the Biden Administration

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In many respects, the Biden administration has failed Black migrants. Despite national uproar against the most recent images of Black Haitian migrants being abused by Border Patrol agents at the southern border, Biden continues to deport Haitian immigrants back to the instability they escaped. This is just one example of many policies that disproportionately harm Black immigrants. 

This week, Black immigration activists and allies rallied against the mistreatment and disregard of Black migrants by the Biden administration, demanding: 

  • An end to all expulsion flights to Haiti
  • An end to Title 42
  • The release of Haitian migrants in immigration facilities 

Yesterday, October 14, activists and allies used the hashtag #DEFENDBLACKMIGRANTS to stand in solidarity with ALL Black migrants and demand better policies from the Biden administration. Here are some of the digital actions that took place: