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Misunderstandings and Agreements

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Univision-sponsored forum about Arizona SB 1070 demonstrated many things. One of them: whatever the differences between proponents and opponents of the new law (and of immigration reform), both sides agree that the federal government’s inaction on immigration has given rise to actions like the recent events in Arizona.

Another: As everyone knows, some Latinos support SB 1070 and oppose reform. It’s good to listen to a variety of opinions, but I never cease to be alarmed by the disdain with which some Latinos who are already permanent residents or citizens talk about undocumented immigrants. They speak with the firm conviction that they, because they have their papers, would never be detained by the authorities in Arizona or other places that might pass similar bills.

One ranted on about the “illegals.” I wonder what would happen if he were lined up next to a group of blond, blue-eyed undocumented immigrants. Does he think he wouldn’t be the victim of racial profiling then?

But I digress.