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Another Anti-Immigrant Day of Action Flops

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Another August, another anti-immigrant flop.

ALIPAC and Overpasses for America, two extremist anti-immigrant groups, have for weeks been trumpeting rallies planned for August 29-30, with their most recent emails proclaiming plans for 118 different events across the country.  The long weekend came and went…and you can see the fruit of their efforts below.  In contrast to recent pro-immigration reform rallies which turned out more than a thousand people, this weekend’s events saw mere handfuls of protesters distracting motorists from various overpasses.  This weekend’s “rallies” were the latest in a series this summer, each of turned out the same small clumps of Tea Partiers.  Why are Republicans listening to these extremists again?

In addition to being anti-immigrant, the events were also purportedly in support of Ferguson police officers (including Darren Wilson), whom ALIPAC claimed were being scapegoated “by those who also support amnesty for illegal aliens and the deadly illegal immigration invasion of America to focus attention on a lie instead of the invasion at our borders.”

View the photos below, from Overpasses for America’s Facebook page, for examples of this weekend’s sparsely-attended anti-immigrant rallies.

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