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Ana Navarro: Does Donald Trump “Have The Basic Decency, The Basic Human Empathy To Be Commander-in-Chief?”

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Republican strategist Ana Navarro excoriated Donald Trump for his disgraceful attacks targeting Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of fallen Captain Humayun Khan.

“Does he have the basic decency?” Navarro asks during the CNN appearance. “Does he have the basic human empathy to be able to be Commander-in-Chief?”

“In case you’ve lost track, this is a man who got four deferments from the draft because he had a foot spur, and until now, he has gone after John McCain, he’s gone after POWs, he’s gone after a four star general, and he’s gone after a Gold Star family, Gold Star parents, while auditioning to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Cameras showed Katrina Pierson, who serves as the Trump campaign’s national spokesperson, sitting in stunned silence.

Navarro continued: “I think it boils down to this basic question: Is this the guy we want leading our Armed Forces?”