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Check out the America’s Voice - Netroots Nation Immigration Blogger Scholar Winners!

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ComputerAmerica’s Voice is pleased to send eight very talented people to the fourth annual Netroots Nation conference scheduled to happen this year in Pittsburgh from August 13 – 16, awarding them the opportunity to participate in four days of insightful panels, training sessions and
networking opportunities, and the opportunity to share their unique perspectives on immigration with the larger progressive community.

So Congratulations, Netroots Scholars! For our readers, a brief introduction:


Nezua is an artist and writer who publishes  www.theunapologeticmexican.org/elmachete as well as writes for the Media Consortium at http://www.themediaconsortium.org/author/nezua/.
He is passionate about the human rights abuses surrounding the
immigration issue and his writing has appeared in many places, from La
Opinion to Nuestra Voice to Alternet. He describes himself as “Warrior
meets Jester” and has the bells to prove it. When he’s not writing
about immigration, he draws, paints, plays/composes/records music, and
spends time with his daughters. He also enjoys freshly ground coffee
from Guatemala – or thereabouts. Nezua is a Commonweal Institute Fellow.


Maegan Ortiz, who writes for www.vivirlatino.com as “La Mamita Mala”, has 15 years of
grassroots organizing experience working in the racial justice movement, with deep
experience in new media, particularly focusing on issues affecting Latina women. She describes herself as a “radical,
mami and artista,” and hopes that her work provides immigrant
communities with the resources and networks that would enable them to speak to
wider audiences, helping them build a stronger community.


Annabel’s video blog, www.youtube.com/9500liberty, documents the immigration battle in Prince William County, Virginia and is considered a breakthrough in new media activism. Previously, Annabel produced a YouTube channel in support of Obama, featuring the music video “Si Se Puede Cambiar.”  In 2007, she coordinated the historic Asian-American grassroots campaign for H.Res.121, the “comfort women” resolution, addressing the trafficking of girls into sexual slavery by the Japanese Army during WWII. She is currently finishing a feature-length documentary version of the story, “9500 Liberty,” and will also be presenting on Keith Kamisugi’s panel at Netroots Nation: http://netrootsnation.org/node/1137


Margaret Haule, who writes for www.TheAustinTimes.com and www.LesWeForget.Blogspot.com, is
passionate about writing on the subject of deportation, noting that it is many
of those stories that remain “untold.”
She describes herself as creative and resourceful, and as “not only a
victim, but a survivor…not only a writer, but a media activist. I not only blog
about my experiences, but I am involved in grassroots activism and helping
those who are refugees and/or immigrants.”