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“A Strong Catholic Voice” Warms Up for Immigration Reform in 2010

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The “new faces” supporting real immigration reform aren’t the only reason the movement is stronger than it’s ever been. Longtime allies like the Catholic Church are stepping up their efforts and preparing to mobilize in a new, bigger way in 2010, as Catholic News Service reported last week:

A new postcard campaign in 2010 will urge Congress to take up as its next priority comprehensive immigration reform that would reunite families, regularize the status of an estimated 12 million people in this country illegally and restore due process protections for immigrants.

“We want to increase Catholic grass-roots support for immigration reform, but we also want to show members of Congress a strong Catholic voice and strong Catholic numbers in support of immigration reform,” said Antonio Cube, national manager of the U.S. bishops’ Justice for Immigrants project, in a Nov. 16 conference call with reporters.

Between this and the Interfaith Immigration Coalition’s “Home for the Holidays” postcard campaign, it looks like Congress is about to find out how deeply committed faith communities are to just and humane immigration reform — calls for real change will be rolling in by the bagful.