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Pastor Max Needs Our Help!

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JQhOalZUVnQISm8GAVUDespite the fact that Max Villatoro is a father of four U.S. citizen children and beloved faith leader in his Iowa community, ICE is setting on deporting him to Honduras.

We’ve been working hard with advocates in Iowa (where Pastor Max has been living for the last two decades) to stop his deportation, but now we urgently need your help.

Earlier today we learned that Max was moved to another ICE facility, where he is awaiting deportation. It’s still not clear what ICE is planning to do with Pastor Max, but we know that the decision on his case is iminent.

This latest development comes we’ve collected 40,000 petition signatures to ICE demanding Max’s release. Yet, despite all this, ICE is still determined to take Pastor Max away from his wife and children.

We are asking for your support right now, as Pastor Max and his family need it more than ever.

Please click here and sign a petition to ICE demanding they stop Pastor Max’s deportation!