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We Must Defeat Donald Trump!

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Can you imagine what life would be like under President Trump?

According to Donald Trump himself, in his first days in office, he would end critical immigration programs like DACA, launch his “deportation force” to round up millions of immigrants, and ban people from the U.S. based on their religion alone.

While Trump’s rise in the Republican Party is shocking, it’s not surprising. For the past several months we have been building a strategy to defeat Donald Trump should he become the nominee.

According to almost all of the experts, Latino voters are the key to stopping Donald Trump this election. If Latinos turn out to vote this election cycle, we know we can stop Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant and anti-Latino agenda!

The plan we’re developing to defeat Donald Trump is the biggest campaign we’ve ever launched. But we won’t be able to stop Donald Trump without your help.

We’re 100% focused on keeping Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant and anti-Latino policies out of the White House, but we need your help. Please donate now and help us launch our biggest campaign yet.

Help us keep Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant agenda out of the White House! Click here to support our efforts to defeat Donald Trump.