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Frank Sharry

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/page/-/imm08splash/images/pic-sharry-100.jpg Frank Sharry is currently starting up a new organization called America’s Voice. The mission of America’s Voice is to speak up for the majority of Americans that support broad immigration reform rooted in the American values of earned citizenship, the rule of law, and the promise of the American Dream.

America’s Voice will fulfill this purpose by serving as the communications war room and campaign integration hub of a nationwide effort aimed at winning broad immigration reform.

Up until recently Mr. Sharry served as the Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. The Forum, based in Washington D.C., is one of the nation’s premier immigration policy organizations, and has been at the center of every major legislative and policy debate related to immigration over the past 25 years.

Prior to joining the Forum, Mr. Sharry was Executive Director of Centro Presente, a local organization working with Central Americans who settled in the greater Boston area.

Founder and Executive Director
America’s Voice